Cis (benevolntgoddes) wrote in snapes_muse,

Open your book... a Challenge

Open your book to page 394…
You are in detention, and Professor Snape demands that you open your book to page 394. The professor has bespelled page 394 to show you the description of your upcoming punishment for your infraction in his class. He has seen into your mind and tailored this punishment for you and you alone. At the bottom of the page, in his own handwriting, he states that after your punishment, you may receive a reward for proper penitence.
What is your punishment? What will he do to you? What will he make you do? What is your possible reward? Did you earn it?
Post your story, ficlet or drabble on The WIKTT Archives ( for a chance to win an autographed copy of Justine Elyot’s novel “On Demand”.
Challenge by Cysteine, sponsored by The WIKTT Archives.

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