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The Potions Master's Muse

~~A Snape/OFC Sanctuary~~

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This is a place in favour of the Snape and Other Female Character pairing. A companion to Veresna's Veneries Too. Hermione Granger, look out my dear, you're taking the backseat in this domain. Our beloved Potions Master requires liaisons with a refreshingly mature and sophisticated new female to take his mind of Potions.

The term Mary Sue does NOT exist here. Infact, it is considered a bad word. Anyone biased against the Snape/OFC pairing for whatever reasons you may have: whether you've been unfortunate enough to stumble across bad fiction (doesn't even HG/SS have some of those?) or you just don't happen to like the concept for not even trying it - any of those who come here to post and point fingers at Mary Sue-ism will be deleted. The point of this forum is rise above the MS word - to share constructive criticism and nurture the talents and abilities of the authors and artist so that they may hone their creative skills to the best of their abilities and produce stellar Snape/OFC fiction.

Authors and artist alike are welcome to join and partake in the creativity of their Muse. Inspiring one another to write, share their fanfiction as well as swap fine fictional recommendations. All fiction stories are welcome as long as they are Het and contain the pairing of Snape with a Other Female Character. Stories that contain erotica or fall within this genre (having earned their lemony NC-17 rating, containing BDSM, con or noncon sexual liaisons) are encouraged though not required - though certainly extremely admired. The inspiration of the 'infinitely talented' Mr. Alan Rickman in relation to the character of Severus Snape is encouraged. However, The Master is also open to personal interpretation - so feel free to call upon your Muse to draw upon either (or both) canon or fanon imagination to breath life into this darkly pleasurable character in your own particular creative endeavours.